Consultancy, Design & Commissioning

Our consultancy can help a broad range of business and academic clients to develop and improve their written communication and publishing strategies (including market research). We build on core skills to enable your colleagues to become the most effective and impactful communicators of your brand, your strategy and your message.

We are London based and also offer training and consultancy across the UK.

Bespoke Editorial and Communications Advice

As former publishers, we have 25+ years of editorial experience to draw on to assist you in framing a publications strategy, help you in understanding core publishing markets, or to negotiate with content providers and customers.

We also offer consultancy more broadly in 'editorial' strategies, such as where to find and acquire the best content, how to understanding publisher business models, and how to manage the shift from print to digital.

We can work with you to help you identify your organisation's training and research requirements. We can support your staff to develop the skills needed to maximise the impact of the content they produce; whether that is simply writing effective and clear emails or writing extended marketing copy, business reports and other publications.

The Power of Information Design and Brand Strategy

​It's not just what you say, but how you say it that counts. Sense, navigability, effectiveness and impact can all be greatly enhanced by the right layout, branding and design. We can advise you on design strategies which make the difference, across print and digital media.

Content Commissioning and Development

We don't just run courses and offer consultancy, we can also acquire and develop content too. So whether you need to identify and commission authors, find textual content or create and source videos, we can do this for you, or help your organisation to set itself up to do this.

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