We draw on our 25+ years of publishing experience to give you an inside-track on how to write for a variety audiences and how to produce contrasting types of content. We provide on-site training courses for two distinct markets:

For universities, our courses are aimed at faculty and postgrads and cover topics such as:
Impact strategies and impact training​ Writing about research Writing and publishing journal articles Writing and publishing books Writing your methodology chapter or methods section
For businesses and voluntary organisations, our training focuses on writing and research design. Topics include the following:
Basic business writing Writing strategy documents Market research basics Online market research for businesses Applied focus group research and interview research

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Our training is fun, evidence based and exercise driven. Most of our training courses are day long and are run at your institution.

Writing is hard... and writing with impact, whether it's books, blogs or business reports, is really hard

We get that. We also know that writing can be a very personal activity, and is a sensitive subject for many. In our courses we aim to accommodate and deal with all kinds of anxieties about the writing process so that participants can feel empowered to write alongside feeling more technically confident.


Getting it right for you

For larger clients, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to training provision. So do get in touch. We can work with you and your organisation to identify your particular needs and those of your audiences, in order to use materials and devise strategies that are tailored specifically for your participants.

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